Discover how your kids will spend their day when attending Camp Lingua.

The day starts at 8:00AM with our FREE before camp care. During this hour, parents can talk to the teachers and counselors regarding curriculum, progress, approach, etc., as well as with the administrators regarding lunch, field trips, t-shirts… Meanwhile, the children play and watch videos occasionally in their language of study.nature-977235_1280


From 9:00AM until noon, each group participates in different activities, rotating each hour. The activities consist of language lessons, language lab that allows children to practice what they have learned in class, and sports, including basketball, softball, baseball, soccer, kickball, flag football, softball, volleyball, water games, yoga and gymnastics. During class and lab time, children learn vocabulary, grammar, conversational skills, reading and writing when applicable. They receive a textbook for the classes, chosen according to their level of proficiency and age.

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At noon, children go to lunch and then, recess. In the afternoon, they actively engage in different arts activities, including dancing, singing, dramatization, culture, international culinary arts, arts and crafts and age-appropriate educational games that promote language acquisition. On Wednesdays, we go on field trips (Kabooms, Wannado City, C.B. Smith Water Park, T.Y. Water Park, Markham Park, Marlins Games, the movies, Monkey Joes, Flamingo Gardens, museums, Everglades Tour, etc). Field trips are included in the cost of the program. On Fridays, we have piñata or disco parties, water soccer, special guests and much more.

Every other week, on the last day of each session,  children perform either a song, dance or theatre presentation for their parents. To prepare for the presentations in their language of study, they practice every day.

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