By Andreina Ojeda

Scientific research reveals that children who are exposed to a second language develop more cognitive skills than children who are not. Speaking a new language will give your child a brighter future. Your child will grow with an advantage to take a productive place in our increasingly international world. With these facts in mind, Camp Lingua came to life over a decade ago.

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At Camp Lingua, the child’s senses are actively engaged through fun visual, auditory and physical activities geared towards making him/her bilingual. We follow the «see-listen-and-learn» technique, which engages the child’s ability to learn a second language. The child is practically surrounded with the new language so that he or she learns easily by seeing, hearing and putting a language in action. A combination of a state of the art methodology and materials -including story videos, vocabulary DVDs, CDs, scripts and guides to literally surround the child with new language  ensures a natural language learning experience. As part of the program, cultural aspects of the countries where the language of study is spoken are included.

Source Aldea Educativa Magazine Edition 17 

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