HUF helped Ana Maria Ceballos, HUF's Program Coordinator, become a US Citizen this year.

Making the American Dream a Reality 

HUF helped Ana Maria Ceballos, HUF’s Program Coordinator,
become a US Citizen this year.
Thanks to your generosity and the support of other organizations, HUF has helped 12,000+ clients become US Citizens in the last decade.
What an eventful period! In 2016, HUF’s Citizenship Program received a grant from the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), allowing us to continue providing naturalization services at a minimum cost. We submitted 850+ applications in 2016, and 300 eligible clients received a fee waiver that represented $200,000+ in savings.
HUF Citizenship Class
Recently, HUF participated in the New American’s Campaign’s (NAC) Mega Citizenship event, where dozens of volunteers, including attorneys, convened at HUF and other locations in South Florida to assist 300+ clients (60+ applied for Citizenship). Watch the video>>

Celebrate America! 
America was founded on the notion that all men and women are created equal. It’s not where you were born that makes you American– it’s how you live your life and how you treat othersthat define you in this country.
Welcoming newcomers and guiding them on their often difficult, but always hopeful journey to their American dream, is at the heart of our work at Hispanic Unity of Florida (HUF).
We know that we are better, as people and as a country, when we welcome our neighbors, care for each other, and help those in need. No matter our differences.
Join us as we celebrate freedom, opportunity, and the values of this great nation. 
America, Happy 4th of July!
LtoR: Yauheniya Nechyparenka, Magaly Alvarado, Paola Brens
HUF congratulates Yauheniya Nechyparenka and Paola Brens, who received BIA accreditation from the US Department of Justice’s Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA). Magaly Alvarado, who leads our Citizenship Program, has been certified for the last four years.
The BIA accreditation greatly increases our Citizenship Program capacity. Our new BIA representatives are authorized to counsel, complete forms, and represent immigration clients during US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) interviews.
This is fantastic news for HUF and our clients! This is a long and very rigorous process. According to the US Department of Justice, BIA recipients «must possess the character and fitness and broad knowledge and adequate experience in immigration law and procedure to practice before the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).»
HUF is one of 16 BIA Recognized and Certified organizations in South Florida (one of only three in Broward).
Become a US Citizen. We can help! Contact us:
Tel (954) 964-8884 Ext. 216. Monday thru Friday from 3pm to 5pm.

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