The CSC is working on producing the 2017-2018 Broward Family Resource Guide. If you would like to submit an article for consideration on subjects related to Family Life, Child Health and Safety, and Child Care information, please follow these steps:


  1. Article should include a byline with author’s name and qualifications.


  1. Article should be about 750-850 words.


  1. Article is intended to be general information on the subject, NOT an advertorial for a specific agency.


  1. At the conclusion of the article, author can include a sentence or two about the agency the author represents.


For additional information on format and content, please view our current publicationby going to and clicking «Family Resource Guide» under the «Publications» link on the navigation bar.


Deadline for submission is April 28, 2017. Please email 

Andrew Leone at



Should you wish to purchase an ad in the publication, please contact Kessler Creative at 888-708-5700 ext. 12 or visit

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