Here’s an update on what’s going on in the Global Education Conference Network during Global Leadership Week (April 24-28)! Considering finding a way to participate!

The purpose of Global Leadership Week is to:

·         contribute to current dialogue regarding globally connected teaching and learning

·         educate education leaders about international education programs and resources

·         call attention to the need and importance of fostering global competency in today’s students and teachers
People can participate by designing and hosting their own virtual event, by attending GLW events including the Global Education Fair, and or by attending our in-person summit. More here:

We’re happy to announce that we have a few spaces left for our face-to-face Global Leadership Summit taking place in NYC on April 24th. Registration is available here and check out the amazing panels we’ve assembled. Join us if you’ll be in the area! Hopefully, we’ll be streaming this event online as well for those not based in New York City.
This week, individuals and partner organizations who plan on hosting their own GLW events should post these to our main GLW calendar so that people can make decisions around participating. These activities do not need to be complicated and can tie into existing programs and plans within your organization. Once you’ve developed your event, please register it as soon as possible on our calendar using the form that is provided on our host an event page. Use GLW to promote your work in the global education space!

Here are a few of the awesome offerings so far and more will soon be posted:


·         The Global Online Academy is hosting an online multi-day student-led conference

·         WorldVuze has scheduled a webinar to give an overview of their platform

·         Know My World is hosting their third in a series of five webinars this spring

·         Jennifer Williams is hosting two Twitter chats; one is around teaching the SDGs and another is focused on the arts for social good

·         Loudon County Schools is hosting a slow Twitter chat over the course of the week

Regarding the Global Education Fair, we think it is really a good idea to connect global ready teachers with the wonderful organizations and programs that are part of the GEC through this new event. However, we’re waiting a few more days to see if we can gauge more interest from organizations. We may cancel this event and reschedule it to coincide with Global Collaboration Day in September which may give people more time to prepare accordingly. We’ll make an announcement about this either way in the next couple of days. Make sure to follow the hashtag #globaled17 on Twitter to see our latest news!

Again, thank you for your support. Together, we can do more to advocate and raise awareness of the importance of global education.


Lucy Gray & Steve Hargadon
The Global Education Conference

Visit The Global Education Conference Network at:

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