By Andreina B. Ojeda

How would you like to combine the experience of learning a new language with that of a relaxing vacation? What if, in addition, this vacation takes place in a beautiful, peaceful place where you can add free practice any time because your language of study –whether English or Spanish- is widely spoken by locals? That place is Lingua, located in the Weston Town Center in the heart of Weston -one of the top ranked cities in the US- next to your hotel room, reserved at discounted rates.

You can see A day in Camp Lingua

At Lingua, a team of caring language professionals will coach you in the acquisition of your new language through the proven Lingua approach: “enter-training”, i.e. training through entertainment. Besides your daily immersion classes and lab practice, you will spend time with your instructors having fun with your new language in the real world. You will go on fieldtrips to restaurants, coffee shops, libraries, stores, spas, banks, or another location of your choice. Pre-arrangements are made with the facilities we plan on visiting so they provide customer service in the language of study. Plan your language vacation now. You will be thrilled by the results and the fun!

Source: Edition 13 Aldea Magazine

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