Mujeres Latinas ImpulsandoMujeresLatinas, supporting young Hispanic women through a mentoring program in Broward county middle schools.

At the national level there are alarming statistics concerning young Latinas attending middle school. For example: 22% are  not graduating from high school, 27% are at risk of suicide, 34% have problems with nutrition, 55% experience with alcohol, drugs or tobacco etc. 9% become pregnant.

A student who   does not graduate today from high school and drop outs of school is making a decision that has tremendous repercussions for the rest of his life and the local economies. These young people become financially disabled. These young people are not eligible for 90% of jobs, they are 8 times more likely to go to prison, are paid 40 cents for every $1 that a college graduate earns.

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It has been proven that for young people   participating in mentoring programs these figures come down substantially.

What is the objective of the mentoring program at the Middle School in Broward?

The program that we are carrying out at Indian Ridge in Davie, FL school aims to help girls to complete high school through an additional structure provided by mentors of Hispanic origin who serve as models to these girls and help them navigate through the middle school years and to aim for advancing their education once they finish high school and help them  develop new skills as positive self-esteem , setting and meeting short and long term goals, improve their decision making skills and to understand relationships between actions and consequences.

Who are the organizations that participate in the project?

This program is sponsored by Mujeres Latinas ImpulsandoMujeresLatinas,Inc, a nonprofit 501-C3 organization founded in the city of Weston 13 years ago.

This program is done in cooperation with the following institutions:Mujeres Latinas ImpulsandoMujeresLatinas,Inc, Broward County Schoolsand the leadership of Laurie Rich Levinson Chair of the Broward County School Board, Indian Ridge Middle School and also with American Association of University Women-Weston chapter and many other community partners.

The Program is currently in its second year there are 40 girls assigned to 20 mentors but we are constantly recruiting new mentors since the aim is to expand the program and serve more girls.

If you want to participate in this program please call or write to MLIML. or call 954-389-1944

Sourse: Edition 19 Aldea Magazine

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