Raising the flag of singing as a form of art in South Florida, in 2014 the members of “Papagayo Ensamble Vocal” came together to enjoy the art of singing, becoming a team committed and dedicated to spreading Venezuelan music through their voices.

To consolidate this initiative, “Papagayo Ensamble Vocal” has the honor of being under the baton of Claudio Corsi. Claudio Corsi is a renowned singer and music producer who represented Venezuela in the XXXVII International Song Festival of Vina del Mar. He was nominated for a Latin Grammy in the category “Best New Artist” (2009) and was an Emmy award-winning composer for musical creation for the campaign “It’s time” Univision (2013).

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Thanks to this invaluable professional support,“PapagayoEnsambleVocal” has managed to lay solid music foundations allowing its members to be part of adult contemporary musical experience with common interests. Solidarity and the ability to share a taste for the same activity have led them togather their voices in order to join forces in pursuit of excellence and make their presentations a moment of total empathy with the public. At the same time, they participate in the task of rediscovering their roots and maintaining through the projection of traditional music, with the intention of providing a space for cultural connection to the viewer that is out of their land and to bring new generations of descendants to their origins. Her repertoire gathers arrangements for several voices of traditional pieces, among which are: “Viva Venezuela”, “Amalia Rosa”, “Polo margariteño” y “Papagayo”, among others.

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Source: Edition 26 Aldea Magazine


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