A Venezuelan , Erika Briceno, won the competition for the best video regardin The Proud To Be Latin

“I am proud that as a latina I am a hard worker committed to succeeding against all odds, while always remembering where I come from.

Now more than ever, I am confident that being a Latina means that I can dream big and work hard to achieve my goals, always remembering  the sacrifices my family made to help me get where I am today.

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Our culture of dedication and tireless work ethic makes me proud to stand up and be counted as an American Latina. . “

HCI President & CEO, Esther Aguilera presents Erika Briceno with her prize for winning our first-ever Hispanic Heritage Month video contest. Erika received two tickets to attend the CHCI 35th Anniversary Awards Gala, plus two round-trip airline tickets from our friends at Southwest Airlines!


Sourse: Edition 15 Aldea Magazine

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