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Camp Sagemont Director Danielle Guski shares the secrets to Camp Sagemont’s continued success and unveils some of the exciting programs in store this summer.

What’s new for Camp Sagemont 2015?

Camp Sagemont is gearing up for its best summer yet. We are especially excited as we present hot and trending camps such as STEM Science Camp, Robotics Camp, Blogging Camp, Spanish Immersion Camp, Multimedia Production Camp, and Teens on Tour Camp. These new additions will join Camp Sagemont’s regular line-up of Traditional, Sports, Travel Adventure and Art camps.

Many parents are looking for academic enrichment camp programs. What does Camp Sagemont offer?

We’re really excited to introduce our new STEM Science Camp. It’s all about science, technology, engineering and mathematics. This dynamic camp experience of investigating, experimenting, inventing, designing, building, testing, redesigning and building modification will have campers thinking and learning while engaged in fun.

What else do you offer campers interested in hands-on learning?

In our Robotics Camp, campers will learn about basic static structures used in robotics using NXT Mindstorm Robotics systems, specialized LEGO sets and Lego NXT software. Robotics Camp gives campers an opportunity to explore problems, use their imagination, and invent their own solutions just as scientists and technical investigators would while making discoveries.

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Do you have other programs for campers interested in technology?

The Multimedia Production Camp is ideal for campers interested in technology and producing creative works. Through taking video/photos, adding audio/music and editing their work, campers will produce their own stop-animation movie, camp news reports, sports broadcasts, and/or a music video.

This story was excerpted from an article written by Stacey Bomser for Our City of Weston Magazine, 2015 and provided to us by The Sagemont School.

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