By Elena Dolinski de Montilla

Help your students take the next step in their Education

This article was specially written with all of you in mind, particularly all those who this season is in the crucial moment of sending your sons and daughters to an University or College.

According to the latest labor statistics conducted in 2008 and the official figures from the Department of Education, men without a college degree receive an average salary of $30,000 a year, compare to those who complete a University or College degree earning $50,000 annually. For women, the results are $24,000 per year versus $41,000 per year for those who had completed university or College degree.

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Based on my experience as a mother and as a recognized consultant with the expertise and experience of having helped many students in planning their way to college, I consider the following steps may be valuable for the success of your children in this stage of their lives:

Classes, Grades, GPA (Grade Point Average) and Test for Admission to the University or College..

Explore together the options for college.  and

Apply to . Pay for college. .

I will continue to insist that this is the land of opportunity and for that reason we must educate, inform and seize all opportunities that are waiting for us and for anyone who takes the time to go further and does not take NO for an answer.   

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