Broward County Public Schools (BCPS) announced its new partnership with, a national, non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing opportunities for students to learn computer science in school.  Below is what community leaders, educators and students are saying about the partnership:

Pam Sands, Chair of Workforce One/CareerSource Broward, said, “Congratulations to Broward County Public Schools on opening the gateway for students to learn how to code. Introducing and teaching code equips them with the ability to break down problems and think sequentially. Since technology touches virtually every aspect of our lives, these are becoming essential professional and life skills. With the low supply and high demand for technical talent, it is increasingly more critical for us to empower our future workforce with the tools needed to compete and contribute locally and globally.”

David Armstrong, President of Broward College, said, “Computer science is increasingly becoming one of the foundations of our ever changing global economy. BCPS new partnership with will undoubtedly help students form a solid foundation in the subject so that they can eventually go on to perfect their computer science skills in college and land jobs in the industry upon completion of the degree. BCPS is taking a great step in helping Broward County fill the job gap that will exist in our community. Broward College applauds their efforts.”

Olayemi Awofadeju, Principal of South Broward High School said, “Our vision is to educate today’s students for tomorrow’s world, and our commitment is to ensure that each student is prepared to maneuver through tomorrow’s world mastering the future technological advancements because they have a solid foundation and understanding of computer literacy. This is why I am so excited about our partnership with”

Zak Meyers, ninth grade student, said, “Implementation of computer programming and coding in high school is a profound advancement in preparing students for the world of technology that is ahead of them. Having this opportunity presented to me at my high school is something that I am grateful for and highly anticipating.”

To learn more about BCPS’ new partnership with visit:

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