By Claudia Montes
There are many ways to improve your level of English, but only you can find the right way for you. Here are a few tips that might help:
  1. Listen to English every day, train your ears to understand: Listen to music in English. Find TV shows that you enjoy, without subtitles.
  2. Read magazines, books, and articles of your interest in English.
  3. Have some fun learning English: Play some board games like Monopoly, Pictionary, Scrabble.
  4. Start a notebook/diary: Start a vocabulary notebook, write new words. Write new phrases every day and use them in your everyday routine.
  5. Online communication: Use social media to practice English, write posts and communicate in English with friends from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.
  6. The last tip is the most important: Do not be afraid, take a deep breath and SPEAK!



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