By  Team Aldea Educativa
In this wonderful, country where multiculturalism is one of its assets, we must ask ourselves: how prepared are teachers to receive a child from another culture or language? The consideration of ESOL programs is declining in the educational budget, and at preschool level these are not even contemplated. The teachers in the classroom are the ones who must face this difficult challenge.

The education of teachers as to the process of adaptation and development of the language in a child will bring to it an atmosphere of security and understanding of the process as such.


When a child moves to another country the concept of what is left behind and the necessity to deal with what comes, is not something that their level of concrete thinking, can internalize as an adult.

Observing the eyes of a child who speaks another language, trying to understand or “catch” a word that indicates he understands, and relate this to a normal process of language acquisition, will sensitize the teacher, thus helping the child to evolve, from his body language up to academic expectations to enable the adaptation to the new country.

Being a teacher is the vocation of bringing every day all previous experiences from her childhood; and with educational training, offering the child the tools to make his development optimal.

Sourse: Edición 12 Aldea Magazine


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