By Dr. Isidoro Zaidman

Rabbi Zelig Pliskin in his book Taking Action says:… “the ambition helps the person to mobilize its resources, challenges persist in its objectives and avoid accountability.” It will reach higher, to overcome the laziness levels and while more intense, more capacity will have to overcome the obstacles. “Its recommendation is to use all available resources to stimulate your motivation to increase the level of ambition”. This is well in how much the object of life focuses on the achievement and the external objectives of life.

Timothy Judge, Professor at the University of Notre Dame, wondered if the ambition is a virtue or a Vice. He came to the conclusion that “Although the ambition has its positive aspects in terms of professional success, also have a cost that is a weak effect on life satisfaction and it would seem that not always have successful careers translates into a healthy, happy, or more long life.”

Conclusion: each those who choose the way of life you want. With which of the definitions is you? (read more in our web page).

Sourse: Edition 16 Aldea Magazine


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