Leaves rustle and the Halloween spirits awaken. This time of the year marks a crucial chapter in your student’s educational journey and, for many, serves as a stepping stone toward their future. But beware, for this path is fraught with pitfalls and scary mistakes that could haunt their chances of securing a spot in one of their dream colleges. To help you skillfully navigate the admissions process and evade the lurking admissions monsters, we’ve conjured a list of 13 mistakes to avoid.

1. Procrastinating: Missing application deadlines is a grave error. Initiate your journey early, crafting a well-organized schedule to ensure that all documents are cast into the admissions cauldron on time, lest you fall prey to the ghosts of missed opportunities.

2. Ignoring Fit: Choosing colleges solely based on their perceived prestige is a spell for misfortune. Consider the academic, social, and cultural fit to ensure that the college aligns with your student’s goals and values.

3. Overlooking the Value of Counsel:  Seek guidance from wise counselors, like the wizards at International College Counselors. To evade the perils of admissions, do not shy away from seeking their counsel when selecting schools and crafting the application. When you have help with reminding your students of deadlines and aligning them with the right extracurriculars, classes and more, your family will feel less terrified.

4. Relying on a Single Application: Casting a narrow net is a risk not to be taken lightly. Diversify college choices to enhance chances of acceptance and ward off the curse of limited options.

5. Writing Generic Essays: The personal essay serves as a magical portal to showcase your student’s unique qualities and experiences. Avoid conjuring up generic, clichéd essays that fail to set them apart. Students must craft an enchanting narrative that tells their own story with authenticity. Help is a phone call or email away. The wizards at International College Counselors can guide your student through this process–and even make it magically easy.

6. Failing to Proofread: Typos, grammar errors, and inconsistencies can cast a shadow over an applicant’s appeal. Always employ a watchful eye or ask a fellow conjurer for assistance to shield yourself from menacing grammar goblins.

7. Underestimating the Importance of Standardized Tests: Although many colleges now embrace test-optional policies, standardized tests still wield power in admissions for numerous institutions. Do not underestimate their significance; prepare diligently and approach them with a spirit of seriousness.

8. Neglecting Extracurricular Activities: Focusing solely on academic grades and test scores can be an incantation for trouble. Admissions committees are on the hunt for students who have demonstrated leadership, passion, and commitment through extracurricular activities. Otherwise, one risks being left in the eerie shadows, much like a one-dimensional ghost in the enchanted halls of academia.

9. Overloading on Extracurriculars:  While involvement in extracurricular activities is essential, be cautious not to stir up a cauldron of chaos by involving yourself in too many. Admissions committees value the depth of your commitment over sheer quantity. Beware of becoming an overwhelmed sorcerer, frantically juggling too many enchanted objects, lest you summon trouble in your college application.

10. Failing to Research Financial Aid:  Many students overlook the magic of financial aid opportunities. Be sure to explore scholarships, grants, and other financial assistance options to avoid being haunted by student debt.

11. Ignoring Scholarship Possibilities: Failing to apply for scholarships is a ghoulish oversight. Scholarships can alleviate the financial burden of college, so be sure to seek and apply for various scholarship opportunities to summon riches and avoid the chilling specter of student debt haunting your life later.

12. Disregarding Demonstrated Interest: Many colleges look for signs of demonstrated interest. Thus, visiting campuses, attending information sessions (whether live or online), and engaging with admissions representatives can work in a student’s favor. Do not let disinterest become the feast of college admissions zombies.

13. Letting Stress Overwhelm You: Stress is a common specter during the admissions process, but do not allow it to become all-consuming. Maintain a healthy work-life balance, practice self-care, and remember that a person’s worth isn’t determined by their college acceptance. Do not let stress become a personal poltergeist.

Navigate the Admissions Haunt with International College Counselors

No matter where your family is in the college admissions process, International College Counselors can guide you through every twist and turn of this mysterious path. We offer spells of wisdom for courses, brews of ideas, and even charms to make the process easier. Be it deciphering the cryptic college admission process itself or conjuring up the perfect college application, we’re here to provide the magical assistance you seek. Contact us at 954-414-9986 to discuss how we can support you and your family through this supernatural journey!


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