By Elizabeth Briceno

Are you in 12?

If you are in 12th grade, your senior year in high school, below you will find things that you can be doing, every month that will help you in your preparation to go to the University.

OCTOBER: choose the universities that you want to apply. Ask your academic records. Request letters of recommendation to your teachers, to do so provide them a small resume to make their job easier. Talk to your school counselor and ask him for help about State and local scholarships. You must already have the dates of admission, financial aid or scholarships, review them. Take the SAT, October 6th and the ACT exams on 27 October.

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NOVEMBER: Continues the search for scholarships that you should have started. Lists the applications with December deadline. Take the SAT EXAM, November 03. Continue working in your applications and looking for scholarship opportunities.

Sourse: Edition 15 Aldea Magazine


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