As we head into the new school year, more and more students are looking to diversify their education with unique electives and intriguing courses that challenge their interests. Juniors and Seniors often seek opportunities to focus on classes that impress college and university recruiters, and that provide a solid foundation for a future career. Online options can help place those students in courses that will keep them academically engaged and excited, while educating and preparing them for what lies beyond graduation.


At The VHS Collaborative, we recognize as students progress in their schooling and have more freedom of choice in the courses they take, they gravitate toward topics of interest and look for subject matter expertise. This can help provide direction after graduation, or enable the student to explore available alternative opportunities.

Our “Career Pathways” program for students is designed to offer multiple online course concentrations in a variety of career interests, thus providing a more comprehensive outlet for students to test the waters in a chosen field of study.

Students with an interest in Biology, for example, can delve deeper into the subject matter and study applicable career paths with courses such as Biotechnology, DNA Technology and Bioethics. A student who is interested in Pre-Law might find Constitutional Law, Criminology or Contemporary Issues in American Law and Justice to be helpful in guiding them through college and career choices.

For those with an interest in Software Design or Engineering, The VHS Collaborative offers online courses in Video Game Design and Development Using Game Maker and Engineering for Sustainable Energy. These can be coupled with introductory focus courses including Introduction to Computer Science and Engineering Principals; or, they can be furthered with more advanced courses in the respective areas such as AP® Computer Science and AP® Environmental Science. For the student interested in a career in Business, opportunities for career pathways include Entrepreneurship, Business and Personal Law, and International Business. Given the hundreds of unique course options at VHS, courses are available to fit almost every student’s area of interest. For many students the road ahead is uncharted, and the courses we offer to high school and middle school students can help steer their focus and drive them toward post graduate achievements.

As we embark on a new school year and reflect on our commitment to educate the next generation, the underlying goal is this – preparation is the key to success for whatever lies ahead. The VHS Collaborative’s Career Pathways program opens students up to a world of opportunity, exploration and discovery.

Take a look at Alexis’s journey through 3 VHS courses to see the impact it had on her decision to switch her major from Pre-Veterinary medicine to Zoology.

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