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Cutting Calories: How Many Calories Per Year Do Junk Foods And Drinks Add Up To?


If your daily food and drink consumption consists of salty potato chips or a can of pop, you may be adding 54,750 calories per year to your diet. And if you look at that total number — it’s not doing any favours to your health.

An average female between the ages of 31 to 50 who has a low activity level should be eating at least 1,800 calories a day, according to Health Canada. If you’re somewhat active, that number should be 2,000 calories a day — and if you’re quite active, you should be eating at least 2,250 calories for daily energy requirements.

But people with weight loss goals have different numbers in mind. To figure out your own calorie intake to maintain a healthy weight, take your current weight and multiply it by 12, according to the Calorie Calculator on For example, if you’re 150 pounds, you should be eating and drinking 1,800 calories a day to maintain your weight. If you want to lose one pound a week, subtract 500 calories from your daily calorie count. However, keep in mind, most health experts warn that your daily calorie intake should not drop below 1,200 calories.

And sure, numbers are numbers but achieving weight loss is about eating foods in moderation — but not everything.

“‘Everything in moderation’ gives the impression that all foods are nutritionally equal. Well, they aren’t. You should not be eating moderate amounts of vegetables and moderate amounts of dessert,” says Carrie Dennett in an article for The Seattle Times.Instead, moderation means eating moderate amounts of healthy foods and little or no amounts of junk foods, she adds.

And if you plan on ignoring your calorie intake and strictly focusing on losing weight by exercising and eating healthy, make sure you are frequently eating healthy and fresh foods, according to Men’s Health Magazine.

Take a look at the bigger number: here are 15 food and drinks and their total calorie counts after 365 days:


A Can Of Pop:
The average can of sugary pop contains 150 calories, according to
THE DAMAGE: Drinking one can of pop every day of the year will add up to 54,750 calories a year.


One Oreo Cookie:
Classic Oreos, without milk, equal about 80 calories per cookie.
THE DAMAGE: Eating one Oreo cookie a day for 365 days will add up to 29,200 calories per year.


Cup Of Black Coffee:
A cup of black coffee without sugar or cream is about 5 calories.
THE DAMAGE: Drinking one cup of black coffee every day of the year will add up to 1,825 calories.


One Doughnut:
You may want to reconsider your breakfast options. An average glazed doughnut is about 240 calories. 
THE DAMAGE: Eating a glazed doughnut for 365 days will add up to 87,600 calories.


Piece Of Gum:
Chewing a piece of gum daily — something that most people do — is about 15 calories a day, according to Fitness Magazine.
THE DAMAGE: Chewing one piece of gum every day of the year will add up to 5,475 calories.


Plain Bagel:
Another breakfast food to watch out for that’s seemingly innocent: an average plain white bagel (without any spreads) is about 190 calories.
THE DAMAGE: A total of 69,350 calories a year. Yikes!


Lay’s Chips:
A small sized bag of Lay’s potato chips is 150 calories.
THE DAMAGE: Sure, snacking once in a while is fine, but eating a small bag every day can add up to 54,750 calories a year.


One Table Spoon Of Peanut Butter From Kraft:
One tablespoon of Kraft’s Crunchy Peanut Butter is about 90 calories.
THE DAMAGE: That’s 365 tablespoons and 32,850 calories a year.


White Bread:
A slice of white bread usually has 66 calories.
THE DAMAGE: Eating only one slice of bread every day of the year will add up to 24,090 calories.


One Glass Of Red Wine:
One full glass of red wine is about 150 calories.
THE DAMAGE: If you drink one glass of red wine every day, it will add up to 54,750 calories annually.


Deli Meat:
One slice of turkey from the deli is about 81 calories.
THE DAMAGE: Eating one serving of sliced turkey will add up to 29,565 calories a year.


Small Ketchup Packets:
For those of you who love to pour ketchup over everything — one small packet of ketchup has about 20 calories.
THE DAMAGE: Using one small packet of ketchup a day will add up to 7,300 calories per year.


Blueberry Muffin:
One (often store bought) blueberry muffin is about 380 calories, according to Calorie Count.
THE DAMAGE: Unfortunately for us, one blueberry muffin a day adds up to 138,700 calories a year.


Plain Yogurt: 
One cup of plain low-fat yogurt is about 174 calories.
THE DAMAGE: Even the healthy ones add up — a cup of yogurt every day of the year is 63,510 calories.


Granola Bar: 
granola bar is about 118 calories.
THE DAMAGE: In a year, that’s 43,070 calories.




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