In an effort to always offer our student the best possible education and to stay up to date with the admission requirements from post-secondary institutions, Cypress Bay High School successfully has become this past school year an official Cambridge School. Through Cambridge, students have the opportunity to take AICE (Advanced International Certificate of Education) courses, earn two (2) quality points on their local GPA, and receive college credit if exams are passed in a similar fashion to the AP College Board program. In addition to this, students may earn a special Cambridge International diploma if they accumulate at least six points by passing AICE courses in three areas detailed below within a three-year period (25 months from the first exam to the last exam). In the state of Florida, if a student earns a Cambridge diploma and completes 100 service hours, they qualify for the highest level of Bright Futures without having to meet the SAT or ACT requirements.

Below is a table of some of the main Cambridge courses that currently exist: Underlined courses in italics are being offered in the 2013-14 school year. Those with an asterisk are available to ninth grade students.


1st Group: Mathematics and Science 2do Group: Languages 3er Grupo: Arte y Humanidades
· Biology · African · Accounting
· Chemistry · Arab · Art and Design
· Computing · Chinese * · Business Studies
· Design and technology · English · Classical Studies
· Environmental Management · French · Economy
· Marine Science · German · Literature
· Mathematics · Hindi · Gastronomic Studies
· Physical education · Marathi · General Deed *
· Psychology · Portuguese · Geography
· Thinking Skills * · Spanish * · History
· Tamil · Law
· Telugu · Music
· Urdu · Psychology
· Sociology
· Thinking Skills *
· Travel and Tourism

Cambridge is a rigorous academic program of international prestige, which, in addition to what the AP program offers, has a wide variety of courses in elective areas and academic areas. Based on what is expected, we are very happy and proud to be able to offer our students additional and novel options in the areas of interest, so that they can accumulate benefits for their GPA, obtain university credits and achieve a Complete and challenging education.


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