Great Explorations in Mathematics (GEM) allows mathematically talented students to move faster than they would in a regular program. To qualify for GEM, students must have an FCAT score of 380 or above in Math and a 300
in Reading. GEM students need to go one step further, analyzing non-routine problems and digging beneath the surface in order to see the beauty, elegance, and application of the mathematics being learned.

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GEM students in Grade 6 complete a pre-Algebra curriculum. Grade 7 students take the high school-equivalent course of Algebra I. Grade 8 students take the high school-equivalent course of Geometry. High school credits for Algebra I and Geometry are awarded to GEM middle school students who pass the Grade 7 and 8 GEM courses. Many GEM students enter high school prepared to take Algebra II.

Sourse: Edition 13 Aldea Educativa


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