It’s the last leg of a very, very long and grueling marathon. Your legs hurt, your feet burn, and you are waaay over this whole running thing. What would you do? Better yet, what does the champion do?

With the college finish line ahead, we encourage our students: DON’T.GIVE. UP. There’s one last thing you CAN do. One last thing the champion would do—the Letter of Continued Interest (LOCI).

In this blog, we’ll explore what a LOCI is, why it can be a game-changer, and the key points to include if you decide to run the extra mile (pun intended).

What is a Letter of Continued Interest (LOCI)?

A Letter of Continued Interest (LOCI) is a personalized letter sent by a prospective student to a college or university expressing continued enthusiasm and interest in attending. You could send this after being deferred or waitlisted (often known as a Deferral or Waitlist letter), or simply while waiting for your admission decision to say, “Look at me! I’m still running!” Essentially, it’s a way for students to—once and for all—advocate for their candidacy.

Why would you send a Letter of Continued Interest?

Sending a LOCI can positively impact your chances of being admitted to your college of choice. Here’s why:

a) Demonstrate Genuine Interest: Colleges want to admit students who are genuinely passionate about attending. A LOCI allows you to reaffirm your commitment to the institution and convey your eagerness to contribute to its community.

b) Showcase Achievements and Growth: If you’ve achieved notable accomplishments or engaged in a growth experience since submitting your initial application, a LOCI provides an opportunity to highlight these developments. This can help admissions officers see you in a new light and recognize your ongoing potential.

Main Points to Include in a Letter of Continued Interest:

Crafting an effective LOCI requires careful consideration. Here are key points to include:

a)  Reiterate Your Interest: Clearly express your continued enthusiasm for the college and your desire to enroll if admitted.

b)  Be specific about why you and the college are an ideal match.

c)  Updates and Achievements: Share any relevant achievements, awards, or accomplishments since your initial application, emphasizing how they align with the college’s values and goals. Don’t have much to add? Consider using what your plans are for the coming semester. As President of the Art Club, you will…as a member of the Crew Team, you hope to…

d)  Address Weaknesses: If applicable, provide context for any shortcomings in your application and highlight steps you’ve taken to overcome challenges.

e)  Express Gratitude: Thank the admissions committee for considering your application and express appreciation for the opportunity to be part of the college community.

Seek Help from International College Counselors:

If you’re an International College Counselors client, remember that your counselor is here to guide you through every step of the college admissions process. If you need assistance with crafting a compelling LOCI or have questions about your application strategy, don’t hesitate to reach out to your dedicated counselor.

For those who are not currently clients, International College Counselors is ready to provide expert guidance and support tailored to your unique journey. Contact us at International College Counselors or call 1-954-414-9986 for personalized assistance to navigate the complexities of college admissions and increase your chances of securing a spot at your dream institution.



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