Elizabeth Laverde

Elizabeth is an avid reader of personal growth books, a parent volunteer and ambassador for multilingual families, and a constant motivator for her family and friends. A native of Cali, Colombia, she was born into a hard-working family who emphasized education as a gateway for endless opportunity.

Elizabeth moved to the United States with her husband Manuel and two daughters, Marcela and Natalia, 20 years ago in search of a better future. Although she was physically separated from the family that raised her, their teachings were forever present. As an immigrant experiencing a new culture, Elizabeth was determined to embrace it. She knew that she needed to empower her daughters, but to do so, she not only had to learn English, but most importantly, she had to actively engage in her daughters’ education. It was then when Elizabeth started to attend public school meetings sponsored by the ESOL Department of Broward County Schools. Nearly 13 years later after her daughters graduated high school, she still remains active as a parent volunteer. Her hope is that all families have equal access to the same tools and resources her daughters once had.

As a parent volunteer, Elizabeth invites parents to get involved in activities through their children’s schools. She believes this is the key to support children as they adapt to a new community, a new culture, and a new school system. When she first arrived, she was lucky to meet community leader and her personal mentor, Yvette Fernandez. Yvette was the one who introduced her to all the free resources and networks available so that she could guide her daughters in the process of reaching their university goals. Just like Elizabeth, Marcela and Natalia were active student volunteers, and leveraged the resources they were given to access all types of financial student aid. The key was, always knowing where to find the information.

Besides her community efforts, Elizabeth has also had the privilege to be a foster parent. She thinks “this is an opportunity to share the love of family with children who may have never experienced it and inspire them to believe they can change their lives.” Elizabeth is convinced that this was a life lesson for her entire family. Her foster son was truly special and a blessing. He passed away a few years back, but remains in her family’s heart forever.

Professionally, Elizabeth is a licensed real estate agent with nearly 15 years of experience is the South Florida residential market. She has a Business degree from Universidad Libre in Cali, Colombia, and has over 25 years of experience in the financial sector and business operations. Elizabeth strives to stay current on real estate trends in order to better serve her clients, once again emphasizing her passion for education. She loves her job as a real estate agent and loves the independence it brings. Most of all, she loves to be connected with people, helping and guiding them in the best way she can.

When Elizabeth is not working on a new listing for her clients or volunteering at a Broward School event, you will find her at home with her husband and a jack russell pup Dakota, dancing to salsa caleña, or listening to podcasts and audiobooks on leadership and happiness.

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