The use of the cell phone does not have to be against maintaining good manners, unfortunately, many times we see that rudeness goes hand in hand with phone use.

It is important to point out key aspects that contribute to complying with Cell Phone Etiquette, because the statistics indicate that 75% of American kids between the ages of 12 and 17 own a cell phone.

The guidelines that we list below, are without a doubt, also necessary for adults to respect since our actions speak louder than words

Cell Phone Etiquette:

1-Use Please & Thank you – even when you text.

2- Be Charitable –lending your cellphone to someone in need is priceless.

3- Ring Tone & Volume should be chosen wisely.

4- Always answer your parents or guardians calls.

We also suggest to parents, that they establish cell phone free zones & times, when their children don’t have access to their phones. For instance, Meals and homework times & areas, when family is gathered to plan activities and calendars.  This allows them to become aware that the cell phone is an instrument of communication but that the person controls the technology and determines when and where he/she will use it. This is a good step towards avoiding technology addiction, which is much more frequent than we would like to imagine.

Sourse: Edition 19 Aldea Magazine


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