Venezuelan graduated with honors at Cypress Bay High School, took 14 AP, and is going to study Bio-Medical Engineering at Harvard and then continue her medical studies

Lilian Benet a young enthusiastic, happy and responsible that tells us her story simply, pride and deep gratitude to her parents and her brother for the support they gave her.

She arrived in the city of Weston, Florida when she was six years old. She began her studies at Indian Trace Elementary. There, he studied for a year and then continued at Imagine Charter School. Ten years later, after winning a science contest, she wrote to the president of Harvard in which she expressed her desire to study at such university after her graduation. Her letter was answered by then President of the University. (We attach the letter on our website). From there she went to Falcon Cove Middle School and participated in advanced classes, GEM for math and Spanish classes, which at the time gave her high school credit. Upon entering Cypress Bay, started taking classes «Honors» and during her first year participated in AP Spanish class. During her second year took 3 APs, and at her third and fourth year took more than 4 each year. She always remained between the first and third of her class. She has received several honors and awards for academic excellence among which are: Academic Excellence Award – Top Scholar in Eleventh Grade (2012), Academic Excellence Award – Wellesley College Book Award (2012), 2012-13 National Hispanic Recognition Program Scholar. She finished second in a class of 1,037.
Lilian applied to MIT, Harvard, Duke, Georgia Tech, UF, and UM. She was accepted at all.

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MIT accepted and invited her to visit the university and offered full scholarship. After being admitted to MIT sends the application to Harvard and being in Boston and at the insistence of her brother, visited Harvard and she was invited to visit the University. During which she felt greater identification with the people and the people with her, and although she was happy to be able go to MIT was thrilled with the idea to realize her dream. So she finally received the letter of admission from HARVARD with a full scholarship.

For her, friends are very important, she thinks that in our world with so much technology we do not feel the connection between the one and the others, and we have to know that we need people around to be able to get where we want, we cannot do it alone.

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