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  1. Lay the groundwork. Before the acceptance letters come, parents need to let their child know how proud they are of him or her.
  2. Stay supportive. For students who get rejected, his may be the first time they’re dealing with major disappointment. A parent’s job is to stop this from damaging their selfesteem.
  3. Talk it out. If your student is rejected from the first choice college, allow your child to vent their emotions. Talk about it and turn it into a teachable moment.
  4. College is a step on a long road. It’s a big step, but college is not the final destination. Let your student know a lot of the college admission process was out of his or her control.
  5. Once all the results are in, call or meet with your student’s International College Counselor advisor, as needed. Don’t let your child take denial personally.
  6. Remind your student to thank the people around him that made a college acceptance possible.
  7. Celebrate the college acceptance letters your child does get. Your sun are at the of a long journey.

Source  Aldea Educativa Magazine Edition 21


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