By Elizabeth V Briceno

 My last years in High School and I don’t know what to study
Where should I start?

It is not uncommon to hear students from 11th. or 12th. grade saying that they do not know what they will do after graduation, and have no preference for any career.

Choosing a degree, college and university to attend is the concern of many students who complete high school. If you do not have scholarship or financial aid the situation is even more complicated, so it is important that you begin to investigate and choose an educational institution that is appropriate to your needs and aspirations. These tips can help:

  1. Requests an appointment with your school counselor. The school counselor in addition to help you to define your needs and goals also provide you with a lot of information about the different types of higher education and will help to prepare your applications.

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  1. Study the options. Contact several educational institutions and studies the programs they offer.
  2. Visit the University. Call the University and visit it, preferably during class session.
  3. It is important to ask questions. Ask the questions you want about curriculum; percentage of students who graduate. Which are the working options offered to students and graduates?
  4. The cost that studies have? It is important to know the tuition and fees charged by the University. Any federal aid you might receive is applied first to those costs. If there is any remaining the University will give it back to you to be applied to other needs, such as food and rent.
  5. Find out about scholarships that you can choose. This search takes time and cannot be made over night. There are many offers, but you have to look for them.

If you want to get more information on the institutions that you are interested, visit the College Navigator site from the U.S. Department of Education.

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