In recent times it has been using the word too, “too bad”.  “Too much” is an adverb of quantity that is formed by the Union of the preposition “of” and the adverb of quantity “more”. Therefore, its immediate and more accurate sense would use it to describe what is “worth”: needless or exceeds acceptable limits.   In fact, it means excess. For something “exceeding” some, it must have limits; Therefore the title of “too much” to the matter, the tangible only can apply: a soup can be “too” hot, and a coffee can have “too much” sugar. Pants may be “too” big, and a House may be “too” small. In either of these cases, the use of the Word indicates a negative valuation: If something has or is “too much” this or that; It is wrong. Anything in excess is good: already said the philosophers.

But, it is that we encounter in these times that fly, the use of “too much” applied to abstract names, intangible and… with positive! Who has not heard: “he is too beautiful”, or “this movie is too good”? There is no such thing as excess of goodness or belleza……., and when it did, it would be wrong. It would mean that to exceed the limits, was not preserved as well, nor beautiful; going to become ugly and bad. Just the opposite of what you want to say. Because, we assume, that the speaker intends to evaluate as very positive that considers “too” good and beautiful.

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The language has a considerable amount of paradoxes that in cases like this, go to the category of nightmares.   To finish the topic, also applies to what you dislike: “that car is too bad”, “the review was too difficult”, “did you too evil”. What they want to say? What if it exceeds the borders of the bad, happens to be good?

And, please, don’t want to anyone “too much”. It can be really inconvenient. Your partner will thank you and the language.  Perhaps, too.

Sourse: Edition 13 Aldea Magazine


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