By Regina Velásquez

We are multidimensional beings. We are part of the world that surrounds us; increasingly we understand that we are not separated from it. We have of course our physical body and the energy that gives it life. We also have an inner world where ideas are born, where thoughts, emotions and the consciousness that we are someone arises.



Education nowadays focuses mostly on intellectual development and acquisition of skills to learn about the outside world, and less on personal development, on learning about the inner world. Both aspects of education are essential; the skills and knowledge we acquire enable us to make a living, and education about our inner world means more balanced lives, driven by positive, constructive actions that give us wellbeing and happiness.

Advances in teaching and preparation for the outside world are constant and obvious; not so for the other aspect of education, the personal world. The idea of this type of learning has been a taboo for a long time, especially in the immense world of secular public education, because it is identified with religious practices, sects or organized belief systems. However, when we talk about personal and spiritual growth, we are not talking about religion, we’re talking about practices and techniques that allow us to develop our consciousness, our self-knowledge.

Studies and pilot programs throughout the world have demonstrated the multiple benefits of incorporating in the education of children, programs that promote personal and inner growth. The positive effects in self-esteem and self-knowledge put the children in the path to an integral development, turning them into balanced and conscious persons.

It is important that education takes into account our multi-dimensionality.

Sourse: Edition 30 Aldea Magazine


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