By Vanessa Vallenilla

 What student has not dreamt about living with his/her friends, have the comfort of the school as a neighbor, being able to access information for research just around the corner or waking up on a Saturday next to the football field and in front of the tailgate? That for me is living on campus. For parents is also very positive. They know that their children are attending college having access to numerous resources, all inside of a closed perimeter and with rules similar to those at home.

Rules and offerings vary depending on the campus. Hence, it is important to research and, if possible, visit your preferred campuses to choose the best fit. In some, for example, it is mandatory to purchase the food plan for freshman year; rooms may also vary, from comfier to simpler, and in some the student may choose his/her roommate.

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Some students choose to stay there their four years of college, while others (most common) prefer to live there for a year to better adapt to this new phase, have the experience and meet new friends and then move to a shared apartment, as more mature individuals looking for a bit of more independence. Whatever the choice, both seem right, but what all students say is that they would do it again and that living on campus is an experience no student should miss.

Sourse: Edition 14 Aldea Magazine


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