This organization has been established with a clear vision to organize, recognize & support excellence in educating Hispanics throughout Broward County.

Mi Gente, Mi Escuela has as goal to develop a collaborative platform in an effort to align the district’s and community’s Resources in Order to Serve and Better Meet the Needs of the Growing Hispanic Community of Broward County Public Schools.

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Taking under consideration that the Hispanic population is growing in this district, they have been meeting, inviting members of other organizations to determine the needs of the Hispanic people.

The first approach was to analyze the Early Childhood, reviewing among others the individual needs, student achievement, contributions of the team (social workers, parent, teachers, psychologists, specialists, and many other professionals), the family’s contribution to the decision making process, interdisciplinary teamwork, instilling the love of country and patriotism, development of creativity, problem solving, and critical thinking, the school community (parents, students, school staff, district office, representatives, and the local community), up to meeting the needs of all students and families in our community. They try to empower all positive stakeholders to understand and utilize resources to address physical, mental, and social emotional needs of the whole child and family.

Mi Gente, Mi Escuela is considering other element like Family Engagement in the process of education of the Hispanics kids.

Another scope they are approaching is the education of older Hispanics Students and they are going to have a College Information Symposium: “La Universidad – Si Se Puede” in order to aligns District, School & Hispanic Community and evidence the resources available to support them.

Sourse: Edition 24 Aldea Magazine


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