It has been proven effective to know English or other languages as a second language and advantages can be infinite in both academic, personal and professional. In a world increasingly globalized, more people are aware of this need and decided to create alternatives to make language learning easier. This is the story of Monica Kennedy, founder of Sunrise Language Academy, who tells us how this prestigious school started.

Since when you are bilingual?

“I am from Spain, and studied in a school where English was a mandatory second language; then from childhood I grew up with English being so important, but I realized that when traveling to an English speaking country and where you think you knew, really you do not know enough. I really became bilingual when I came to America to study the final year of high school, I remember my English teacher told me: “Monica, when you dream English, you will become bilingual” after months, one day I went to school and told my teacher: “Mrs. Gonano, I dreamed in English” and she said, “Well, at this time you have become bilingual.”

How has the experience been since you started to teach?

The experience has been very rewarding, first because the method we are teaching is an effective and unique method. Our teachers are experienced in the method use, it is good to know that we are giving lessons to students that in the end will show the results they expect. It is a positive experience. In addition to working with a professional staff.”

What is the learning method that Sunrise Languages Academy uses?

“The method we call “organic method” of studying a language, first because teachers do not use any books. We think that it has to be “enjoyable”, because learning a language is difficult, so if you are using a difficult method, it will not be attractive. We use the conversation (organic) and the students are speaking constantly. When you go out in the world this is what you do, speak not use a book, to talk to people. It is a natural way of learning English. This method is the best of the best!, and has been proven to work. logo-sunrise

How long does a person take to learn a second language?

Actually I’ll tell you about my personal experience. When I lived in Spain, my level of English at school was a third level out of five. When I came to this country to study my Senior year of High School, I realized I did not know what I thought I knew; it took me about 12 weeks so that I could communicate and go to classes. So on this basis a student in a mid-level can learn in 12 weeks and almost be considered bilingual, it may take more or less, my answer depends on the English level that the students is and time that the student wants invest.

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What would you recommend to the general public who want to learn languages?

“If there are people who have families with children think about their future. Today the world is globalizing and we do not know where our children are going to end up living, my personal opinion is: Even if you have a career you could go many more places if you dominate other languages. It is also beneficial for personal and health matters because it also helps prevent disease “Alzheimer” because the brain is constantly working and on the other hand, if you are a businessman you are always going to add something positive for the company you work for. If you have children, think where they could go, I think it is very important today to know more than one language, nowadays.”

Sourse: Edición 30 Aldea Magazine


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