By Susana Franco

BE PARENTS … are two words that contain an extremely important role we have been assigned to fulfill; a great responsibility to society.

It is the best work, but at the same time it is the hardest. It is the only career where you get the title without having studied … It can provide us joy, but also the greatest pain. It satisfied us complete, but at the same time it is tiring and exhausting. If this area of our life is not walking correctly, we experience our greatest failure.

As PARENTS we always have the best intentions to do a great job, but when we think that we have mastered it, new stages are reached and ages who lead us to new challenges.

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We as PARENTS have to evaluate constantly what we are telling our children because of this depends the success and victory in their lives.

Some victory words that we declare every day to our children:

– You’re the best

– You’re the greatest gift that God gave me

– We love you

– We are proud of you

– We will always support you

– There is nothing you cannot achieve

– You have a great future ahead

– Everything you touch prospers

– Etc… Design your own phrases!

As parents we want to have happy kids, confident with moral and religious values, able to give the best of themselves to their family, their community their country.

Sourse: Edition 19 Aldea Magazine


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