It is an educational program that is a response to the fragile school climate characterized by teasing, hostile language indiscipline and loss of respect.

What is the program?

At the beginning of the school year, each child receives a “passport” with 12 attitudes: confidence, independence, responsibility, cooperation, empathy, creativity, tolerance, respect, enthusiasm, curiosity, honesty and gratitude.

Every three weeks, one of these attitudes becomes the backbone of the school and each child has the opportunity to share his personal experience and writing their impressions in their passports.

During the year, children are covering attitudes in an exciting journey, full of traditions and celebrations aimed at changing the school culture.

The result: we will have people that trust themselves, committed, creative and innovative people, with an open mind, respectful and tolerant, honest, with strong moral values, and thankful.

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Orangel Torres

Sourse: Edition 20 Aldea Magazine


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