World  Refugee Day, June 10, 2014, Hosted by Project RENEW/ Broward College

Project RENEW

 Refugees Entering New Enterprises and Workforce

 You’ve come so far. We can help you finish what you started.

Project Renew )Refugees Entering New Enterprises and Workforce) is a comprehensive program that provides English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL), continuing education, and vocational/workforce training for eligible refugees, asylees, Amerisians and victims of human trafficking living in Broward County.

You can see Do you know?… Kids first

Since its inception, Project RENEW has served students from many nations, including Cuba, Haiti, Liberia, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Honduras, Russia, Ukraine, Burma, Iraq, China, Iran, and others.



During the celebration of the Day of Refugee, the team of the Project Renew and its Director Jocelyn Martinez, acknowledged the work of volunteers and those who have supported the Project.



Contact Project RENEW today. Call 954-201-8709

Source: Edition 22 Aldea Magazine


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