By Isidoro Zaidman
When we have problems of any kind, especially when they are difficult or bother us very often we tend to not confront them. We decided to leave it for later, or for when we are in a mood to deal with them. We sometimes try to pass them to another Member of the company or family to make them those who shoulder the burden of responsibility. This attitude is what we call “run the wrinkle” which means that the problem does not solve it alone so we turn to another that it resolved.

This is a very common practice when problems of couples with children or within the family. When they are difficult to resolve them, we do not want to accept that to solve them we must make commitments or concessions that we dislike and prefer to leave things as they are.

This behavior is similar to which we do with some diseases are trying to eliminate the symptoms without dealing with the disease that causes.

If there is the will and the desire to fulfill this way to solve problems is just another way of running the wrinkle with all its consequences.

We cannot avoid appearing problems that is responsible for life. We can solve them, while better and more quickly do have less stress, more welfare and happiness.

Sourse: Edition 15 Aldea Magazine


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