By Hinda Ellman

Summer vacation can be used efficiently studying for exams for admission to universities (SAT and ACT). If you want to be admitted by the University of your choice, you must have a percentile greater than the average of the rest of the students.

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Some recommendations to be well prepared are:

  1. Take real examples of the tests. For the SAT you can find at: and for the ACT at: the more you practice the more chances have to increase your grade.
  2. Review the results of previous exams and practices to detect its faults and focus on improving them.
  3. Study strategies designed specifically to help you with the questions of the test.
  4. Learn how to handle your time of responds: both tests are against the clock and the main problem presented by many students is the lack of time to complete them.
  5. Remember to answer first the questions that you know how to solve and leave to the end the hardest: all of them have the same score, so it is not worthy spending too much time in each one of them.
  6. Establish a plan to study according with the date of the test that you want to take. It is advisable to start at least six or seven weeks before the date of the exam and dedicate a daily time to study.

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