By Yvonne Salas, MSc.

More and more, business men and women, need to polish their manners and way of behaving socially in order to have success in their business and professional life.

Many unpleasant situations could be avoided if we had the knowledge and confidence to act correctly and that is why I offer the following suggestions:

Always stand up to shake hands: a handshake is the best greeting for a business meeting. It is fundamental to know how to extend your hand and initiate a handshake, with confidence and without doubts. It does not matter if we are meeting a man or a woman, we should always start a cordial greeting with a good handshake.

Never place your cell phone on the table: today, technology is with us at all times, but it should never be visible in a business meeting. It should be silenced and away from view, either in your pocket or bag. The presence of the cell phone indicates that you are willing to leave, or stop listening to the person you are with in order to answer your phone.  It makes them think that they are not as important as the people that are not there at the time!

Remember that a person with good manners is considerate with those around him. These acts of kindness and consideration show it. Who would not like to do business with a well mannered and considerate person? Your professional and business success will surely prove it.


Sourse: 33 Edition Aldea Educativa Magazine


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