By Yvonne Salas

Every day I receive calls from worried mothers that when they sit down to dinner with their children, see them showing a lack of basic table manners that amaze them. They ask me, what can they do to change those patterns? To reverse those behaviors that they copy from their friends and peers and that make meal times unpleasant. Instead of being the perfect opportunity to share and talk about what each family member has done during the day.

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The answer is very simple, we must take advantage of the moment to reinforce the behavior that we want to become a habit. Some parents consider that, that is not the right moment to do it. I disagree, because remember that the most profound learning takes place when we put into practice or action, what we have learned.
It is my opinión, that if we do it kindly, with good manners, based on the love that we feel for our children and based on our desire that they become the best that they can be, we must take the experiential opportunity and show them the behavior that we expect from them and explain why.
When we begin teaching table manners, we should remember that the experts say that it requires at least 21 days of repeated behavior to have it become a habit. So let’s get to work and start with the following basic manners:
 Sit up straight
 Keep Elbows off the table
 Chew with your mouth closed
 Don’t speak with your mouth full of food
 Don’t reach to grab anything on the table
 Don’t forget to say please and thank you
 Always ask to be excused before leaving the table

Source Edition 18 Aldea Magazine



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