By Ivonne Salas

To show good manners and a respectful behavior in our daily life is basic so that our children learn from our example. As parents we have that responsibility and because of it we should guide them regarding basic etiquette rules even when they are very young. Teaching them to treat people with respect and basic table manners, greetings, how to be grateful and write a thank you note are aspects of social etiquette that we should promote.

Even a very young child can understand table manners regarding how to chew with their mouth closed or putting their napkin on their lap. As they grow older additional knowledge can be added such as how to eat difficult foods like lobster or artichoke.  Teens must receive information regarding cell phone etiquette, computer etiquette and the so much used by them, social media.

When a teen has well developed their social skills, he understand that being respectful and well mannered he can handle any situation from a job interview, a University admission interview, a conversation with a professor or the intimidating task of meeting the parents of a girlfriend.

We have to make sure that teens understand the importance of a proper greeting, smiling, looking at the eyes of the person you are shaking hands with confidence. Getting along with people around you, showing respect and having the adequate behavior, can contribute to their success as young people and in their future adult life.

Registering your adolescent children tin Social Etiquette workshops designed for their age, is an additional strategy that parents should use to guarantee them another success skill.

Sourse: Edición 32 Aldea Magazine


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