By Maria Dolores Ara

The opening Word is a feminine noun and is used only in the singular, is difficult to think of a sentence where to express an idea that includes more than one “opening”. Why? Because “opening” means opening, start something, breadth of mind, and in all these cases involves the idea of opening in more suggestive than literal verb senses.

We attend the opening of an event of any kind, to the opening of a relevant document, we can say that in an era of history gave a significant social, political and cultural opening… but we cannot open anything!

In the dictionary isn’t open verb… because it does not exist. Not all nouns have a rigged verb. There are some Yes: violence is derived from violating. But opening is not derived open because there is already a short, simple, useful and simple verb to designate the same action: open.

We do not know when, where, or how there was this attack on the daily life of the common language deemed replace open open gave the language more elegance, or more level, or listened to much louder. Of course that yes because opening is a strong word that almost shoots us a bullet in the ear, if compared with the humility to open.

Thus is come hear, for a not so short time, expressions as: “its already has this aperturada”, “will be proceeding to open your book,” “” come to me aperturen the process “,” the file is open successfully “, and others like.”

Moves then to invent a verb remaining in the language and combine with total lightness, as if it existed and was legitimate. With how easy and beautiful that is to say that accounts were opened, the books will be opened and the files would be opened if it were not for….!

Let live and operating the verb to open that have not done us anything, and keep in its boundaries to the openness that has its small functional space very well described in the dictionary of the Royal Academy. The Spanish is flexible and dynamic… but not so much!


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