By Héctor Caldera

The reading makes the complete man; the conversation, agile, and writing, precise”

Sir Francis Bacon

In every process of leadership, as well as personal, there are two indispensable functions and at the same time, complementary roles. On one hand it is required to understand the reality in its broad sense, with their pros and cons, strengths and areas for improvement. To understand it is required to do, to look, listen, analyze, and also know to synthesize, in general to have a complete view.

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Once understood the reality, emerges the second function, the decision-making process along with doing

As such that as in leadership, we need to take action, in the case of the text is made through the word, with all its inexhaustible possibilities of connections. Writing you are able to express ideas, analysis and synthesis, as well as captures the imagination and creation. It is capable of impacting and influencing the other, moves their ideas as well as emotions, instincts, feelings.

Develop capacities in the management of text, is a way of expressing personal leadership in the role that everyone must play.

Moved by this metaphor, Imago consultants in partnership with Aldea Educativa puts at your disposal a @-learning course for the development of skills through the force of the written text.

Sourse: Edition 14 Aldea Magazine


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