By Maribel Alvarez Mouro

Education has been to mankind systematic representation of the formation of human beings. Within the field of formal education levels, there is one particularly interesting in the art of cutting consolidate professional competence: “the University”.

The university campus is a world twinned with social reality, where science, technology and innovation are constant source of leadership within them. The cutting edge technology is an essential element in the development of “University” of our day.

The incorporation of Information Technology and Communication (ICT) in training processes, is becoming more imminent.

Recognize the “ubiquity” of learning is the first task that universities in the world have begun to ensure the progressive development of processes to ensure the constant pursuit of “excellence”.

You can see UNESCO and university network sign quality distance education cooperation programme

Incorporating academic training plans and classroom versions, semi-face (blended learning) or remotely (E-learning) are latent evidence of university education approach to the reality of the world.

Universities throughout history have been pioneers factors in professional advancement of nations now this stock is still valid. The adaptability to changes, maintaining the look of “University” in actions that promote the proactive use of “technology” and recognizing the “ubiquity” of learning, encourage to work the entire university community to look with optimism “excellence” because ultimately, “the University”, represents “A look of technology, ubiquity and excellence” for the world.

Sourse: Edition 15 Aldea Magazine


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