What happen if my application for college receive a letter saying that my application was Deferral?

This means you’ve neither been accepted nor rejected.  Unlike a denial, a deferral offers hope and chance. You’re being considered as a regular applicant because the admissions committee wants to compare your application to the greater pool of applicants. If you want to improve your chances of turning the ‘maybe’ into a ‘yes,’ you need to do some work.

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Here are some suggestions:

  1. Don’t panic or despair. There was a reason you weren’t rejected straightaway.
  2. Get information. Contact the admissions office and see if you can find out why you were deferred.
  3. Send in improved standardized test scores.
  4. Send in your midyear grades if the college asks for them. Make sure you meet their deadline.
  5. Write a letter. Sincerely express your continued interest in the school and reasons why you believe it would be a good match for you.
  6. Send in strong and relevant additional recommendations.

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