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If your child is in public school he  should take this test. FCAT (Florida Comprehensive assessment Test) is a test that is administered to students in Florida to measure their knowledge and their performance in reading, writing, math and science.

Who takes the FCAT?
All students from  grades 3 to 10 ° in public schools must take the FCAT. Examinations are given only in public schools, although students of private schools that receive opportunity grants  also have to take the FCAT.

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Why do students take the FCAT?
To be able to face the challenges so complex that presents  today labor market , students must have advanced knowledge in math and science, must be able to read and understand difficult texts and must be able to write correctly. FCAT questions are designed to measure the skills that students should acquire at reading, writing, math and science.

The FCAT is given to students every year during  the month of February and in March. For more information visit

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