The expectation of most parents is that their child will one day attend college; this too is the goal most children have for themselves. The expectations that  parents set for their children at a young age have a profound impact on what their children expect for themselves. Your child may not share this with you, but it does. Due to the strong influence you have on your child’s expectations for the future, preparing your child for college at an early age is imperative. This in no way means that as parents you must drive home the need for taking the SAT or ACT or having a college list. Rather, early planning especially in middle school means building a solid foundation for long term success.

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When students challenge themselves in middle school they are more likely to continue the same habits in high school because the foundation is already in place.

Enjoying and exploring what middle school has to offer is key. You should not be calling the admissions office at Harvard. Instead, continue to encourage your child to try new things and focus in the classroom to discover those things that excite him. Help him to become involved outside of the classroom and develop good habits while breaking any bad habits that may have been developed. Talk to your child about his interests. You never know, this might once day translate into a college major.

Source: Edition 17 Aldea Magazine


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