Working after retiring may not only provide financial benefits, but having at least a part time job can help you have a sense of purpose and it can even make you feel better about yourself. So if you are starting to get bored of the same old routine now that you are officially retired, you can consider this list of pros of having a job after retirement to help you decide if it is really worth it, or if you just want to kick back and relax after all those years of working hard for the money –so hard for it, honey-.

  • Having a part-time job will still allow you to have free time: to spend with your family and partner, to go to the club, to practice your newly acquired golf skills, to learn a new skill like cooking or even learning a new language, you can basically do whatever your new found freedom allows you to do.
  • Since both age and income Social Security benefits in the short term, you can work part-time so as to continue collecting these benefits.
  • Even though going back to work sounds like a drag, it will actually keep you healthy both mentally and physically. Working will not only help in delaying age-related diseases like dementia, but being physically active will keep you looking younger for longer.
  • You can save more money for when you actually retire.
  • You could finally apply for that job you have always dreamed of having. Maybe you were chained to a desk your whole life, maybe the time has arrived to find new opportunities. A lot of job boards have a number of offers for senior citizens. It is time you go chase your dreams.
  • Health insurance is really hard to –and expensive- to get after turning 50. Health coverage provided by your employer is definitely the way to go to lower your insurance costs.

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We have covered the basics –and a bit more- in this article. Now it is time for you analyze all the pros and make your own list of cons, so you will be able to decide what you truly want to do: stay at home and relax, or go out there again. On your marks, get set, GO!

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