By Margherita Laudi

It is increasingly common to see teenagers leaving school not been prepared to go to college; in fact many do not even know what they want to study. This only brings disorientation, lack of motivation for them and thousands of dollars wasted for parents.

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Therefore, we present some key tips for finding your career, not only the right one, but according to your skills, abilities and interests, in order that it will be one of the most enjoyable moments of your life. Remember that your future will depend, in large part, of this decision.

  1. Investigate the difference between: university, technical and technology education. Identify advantages and disadvantages as well as their demands in today’s workplace.
  2. Choose which area you want to study: numbers, arts, sports, education, biology, humanities, among other
  3. Identify what your skills are (what you’re good of) and what your weaknesses are (what you do not like).
  4. Make a list of those programs that include your skills. And in which universities are taught.
  5. Search for vocational counseling. All universities have offices designed to guide students about careers offered there. On the other hand, there are other independent persons, offering a personalized assessment, to help you choose the career that suits you to study, according to your interests, skills and your economic reality. Remember that choosing the career you’ll study represents one of the most important decisions of your life, and that on it depends your personal and professional success in the future.

Source: Edition 22 Aldea Magazine


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