By Maria Milagros Carbone

Man is composed, anthropomorphically, by mind, body and spirit. This summarizes what psychologists, sociologists and philosophers teach. I introduce this article with this premise because it is necessary to understand how each of these areas is being stimulated through the activities children and young adults participate in, particularly at camp.

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We usually choose a specific camp for the sporting activities, language teachings or entertainment possibilities after a long school year. If we are only taking those considerations into account, children would only be strengthening their body and mind.  However, it is in a camp environment that they are also able to develop their spirit, in a non-religious sense.

Some of the spiritual areas children will develop at camp include:

  • Self-realization, not being in their usual self environment, they have to develop their own strategies to react appropriately to the current activity.
  • Intuition, having a vision. They will learn to have expectations.
  • Responsibility, from the sense of analysis. They have to be responsible or it can affect the larger group.
  • Ethics, in regards to instinct. They will have to meet the standards and comply with the rules of the camp.
  • Service, they will be given the opportunity to help others in need and grow as a leader.
  • Love, they will begin to value their family that supports their lifestyle.
  • Art, because it develops their creativity to the fullest.
  • Reflection, they will face moments when they will have to fend for themselves and make the right decision.

Ultimately, attending camp will not only help your children develop their body and mind, it will also enrich their spirit, and grow their value system. It is a life changing experience that we must share with our children.

Sourse: Edition 17 Aldea Magazine


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