American Advanced Technicians Institute (AATI) began in August of 1995, when one of its owners and president, Fanny Marino, responded to a calling from the Hispanic community of automobile mechanics. The need for the Institute arose from new laws being implemented by Miami-Dade County, requiring all mechanics to be certified. During the next month, AATI main focus was to tutor review courses for industry examinations.

As a result of a community’s need and lack of support it was receiving, Mrs. Marino became a voice and an advocate for the Spanish-speaker mechanics.  Mrs. Marino had a vision which later in July 1998, it became a reality. AATI was now approved by Miami-Dade County to administer its own Mechanic/Technicians Certification Exams in Spanish, English and Creole.

Four years later, the institution because federally accredited by the Accrediting Council For Continuing Education and Training (ACCET). ACCET is a national accrediting agency approved by the U. S. Secretary of Education. With this new accomplishment, AATI’s students will benefit from receiving federal financial aid.

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In 2003, AATI celebrated the approval from Broward County to commence administering its own Mechanic/Technicians Certification Exams in Spanish, English and Creole. Demand and necessity has allowed AATI to administer and certified over 7,000 technicians in English, Spanish and Creole.  Moreover, our 86% placement rate of students who are working in the automotive industry through the counties is evidence of our excellent relationship and good standing with local dealers and private shops.

Due to its dedication to the industry, high standards, and untouchable reputation, AATI was designated by the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico to exclusively provide examinations for The Board of Examiners of Automotive Technicians and Mechanics in June 2009.

AATI currently offers four programs of study: Automotive Technology (for beginners), Advanced Automotive Technology (for those working in the field), Automotive Transmission, and the Certification Preparation Program among an array of continuing education courses, seminars, and customized training.

The institute is dedicated to the principle that vocational and technical education is directed to the needs of the individual, the community, and the nation’s industries. AATI’s educational aim is to train, guide, and help motivate its students to effectively make their way into a challenging and rewarding career.  In addition to helping them acquire the necessary technical knowledge and skills, the Institute also places great emphasis on the student’s personal development.

AATI is a company that is evolving to meet the needs of its students and automotive industry employers. “When you decide to become a student at AATI, you are choosing to join an institute that has established an outstanding reputation for quality, along with the Company’s ability to move and change quickly to meet its student’s needs which are critical to its ongoing success,” proudly expresses Mrs. Marino.

Mrs. Marino recently announced that the company is ready to launch two new certification tests.  Damage Analysis and Estimating Certification this fall and Automotive Service Advisor Certification in the winter 2016.

The faculty and staff look forward to the opportunity of working together to create a successful future for anyone interested in the automotive field.  As the mission of American Advanced Technicians Institute, Corp. is to provide practical training and technical education in the field of Automotive Technology.

–       Nayibe Marino


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